Course on "Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming"

Datum: 18 februari 2020 t/m 19 februari 2020

Locatie: University Twente

Course on “Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming”

Course on “Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming”

• Fundamentals of tribology
• Introduction to tribology in sheet metal forming
– Contact conditions, surface topology and friction in deep drawing processes; underlying friction mechanisms in deep
drawing processes: adhesion, ploughing, lubrication regimes; classical friction tests.
– Flattening due to normal loading and sliding; surface roughness evolution due to sub-surface (substrate) plastic
– Wear mode diagram; single asperity ploughing model; slip-line field theory
• Introduction to metal plasticity
– Stress-strain behavior (including temperature effect); yield functions; strain hardening postulates; plastic flow rules;
large deformations; forming limit diagrams
• Advanced friction models in sheet metal forming and implementation in FEM
– Multi-scale friction model; evolution of friction during metal forming (position dependent);
– Contact algorithms in FEM
– FE implementation of advanced friction model (in full-scale simulations)
• Tribology Lab tour
• Workshop: Simulating cold stamping processes using the advanced friction model


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